Would you ever consider posting a dick pic? (Or have you already...?)

I have not and I won’t. I’m not famous enough to be naked on the internet

how big is your dick?

the same length as a standard sky remote control although I don’t have the same girth and you can’t record your favourite shows with it, but if I jam it against the tv I could change the channels

what's your favorite food?

I know it’s going to sound lame but fruit, especially grapes

boxers or briefs?

jockstrap thongs

What's your favorite position

I love when a guy rides me like a cowboy (no connection to my bf being Southern)

or when I’m plowing a guy using a table or a couch or something to hold them down onto while I’m stood up.  idk what that’s called but that one

how big is your liver?

I don’t know. The only alcohol I ever have is one toast of champagne on special occasions and I’ve never been drunk or done drugs so it’s probably big and healthy

what's your boyfriend like?

he’s the funniest man I know, he’s very smart and he acts like he’s a heartless bitch and a mean old grinch but he is actually incredibly sweet and generous beyond belief. He has giant eyes so when he’s sad you can’t not see it and when he’s happy it lights up his whole face.

He’s a terrible dancer with no rhythm whatsoever but it doesn’t stop him anyway and I love to watch him do it. Especially spinning around to Stevie Nicks with the Maleficent scarf I got him as a shawl.

On that note he loves villains, his favourite character in most things will be someone morally ambiguous, tragic and clever- very like him really. Although his favourite disney cartoon character growing up (as in Mickey’s friends) was Goofy, a big lovable fool and he has a dog named Cosmo who fits that bill. He loves that dog more than literally anyone in his family and I don’t even compete and don’t mind because seeing that giant gold lab who weighs more than him sit in his lap makes him happy and content like a boy opening his best christmas present

what you wearing?

I love this question when I’m wearing a cute outfit, but I almost exclusively get asked this when I’m in my PJsimage here’s the outfit I was wearing today before getting changed. Red chinos from topman, a checkered short sleeved purple shirt from Express, boots from asos and a red bow tie.

I basically always wear bold bright colours, usually only from topman, ted baker and asos- boots and a black leather jacket. Preppiness framed in a grunge edge

whereabouts do you shave?

send me some invasive anons