If Ryan Murphy and his team had taken Glee to FX like they did with Nip/Tuck and AHS it would have been much better. They could have been much more adult in the story lines and it probably would have saved it. Plus we probably would have gotten a LOT of nudity like we did with Nip/Tuck. And there are really very few men on that cast who I wouldn't mind flashing their asses on my screen . But alas, they went with FOX (to reach a bigger audience, again $$$) and he we are with this mess instead.

oh definitely, I mean the camera loves to linger on Darren Criss’ ass (and I want to know what that’s about. I want to know the exact moment the director said “let’s put THAT in imax!”) and we did get one good shot of Chord Overstreet who can sit on my face while I sleep for all I care.

 But male asses aside- it’d probably have its usual continuity errors as AHS and Nip/Tuck have but it could have stayed adult and focused. Because I think Glee does this awkward thing of calling itself a family show and wanting to appeal to the teens who are the same age as the characters.

 Like the story of teen pregnancy was serious and it was real, kids wanting to be something to feel like they matter is a real and relatable thing. Randomly having casually racist jokes or hearing about someone having relationship troubles so you burst out with a Britney song is not relatable.

 Anyway in conclusion here’s some Blaine assimage imageimage but yeah Darren (either while plowing Kurt or when piecing one of his kickass outfits together) , Chord in a shower or when eh was a stripper (remember that storyline in a family show?), that Jake and Ryder guy (I genuinely can’t tell who’s hotter between the two), Mike Chang and Chris Colfer in a very Queer as Folk style scene where he’s on the phone with his bare ass out after being shafted by Blaine. Those are the glee male butts I want to see and in that order

I just now read the spoilers for Glee’s final season premier and it all sounds so horrible. Having half your cast killed off would have been better than that.

The whole point of the story was supposed to be about believing in dreams and making something special so you can get out of your deadbeat town and be a somebody. But now everyone who mattered is back being a Lima loser. The best couple has been dismantled and Blaine is now with Karofsky (which genuinely makes me want to vomit) and Rachel doesn’t have a tv show or a shot at broadway anymore.

I almost don’t want to even watch American Horror Story anymore in protest of Ryan Murphy’s shitacular writing. I only hope the actors got payed A LOT for this final thing because I’d demand it if I’m to be put on camera acting out this nonsense

So even though I gave up on the TV abortion known as Glee a while ago, it saddens and sickens me that the only thing I actually still remotely cared about is being ruined. It’s like they’re competing with True Blood for a season finale to piss off all it’s remaining twenty fans

Ryan Murphy is a good writer, the first season of any of his shows prove that. But he’s also such a shittastic writer that he decides to throw away any meaningful story arc or see through character progression in a realistic or respectable way.

near the end of the crapfest christmas special that is me catching up with Glee. It is all around terrible and looking as if they just gave up even half-assing the writing of this show, as though they’re too busy writing American Horror Story and making that a cut diamond of a show (and as much as I love that show, that one even has flaws), and now Glee feels like a circle jerk of fan fiction and dweeby comments made on tumblr.

 However, I did like literally one thing in the episode- seeing Kurt as a sexual person. And not because I think Chris Colfer is hot (because I’m not into that) but despite having an episode dedicated to losing their V cards and another where they hook up at a wedding, a lot of Klaine’s relationship is treated kind of like the irritating stereotypical gay eunuchs, the kinds who exist to be stylish and cute but they don’t have primal urges to fuck like the rest of the characters, instead they’re arguments are about moisturizing their hands and watching tv together… with the odd few exceptions still, it was nice to see thirsty horny bottom Kurt drooling over abs. Obviously it didn’t end so well, but still I appreciated that much.

 But overall this episode was an ordeal and I’m about to start the latest episode and I’m hoping against hope that they stop doing that thing where they think just because the writers show an awareness of everything wrong with their plots and characters that it is somehow excusable when it’s never fixed.


types of gay guys the media portrays:

  • stereotypically feminine and overly flamboyant drama kid
  • closeted jock

I just saw a bit of a season 1 episode of Glee. It was such a different show then, everyone looked like they could be in high school. Everyone thought the three hottest and most popular girls in school were all 100% straight. Kurt was a baby penguin in significantly more flamboyant clothes (he’s toned down now but still has flair). That black guy who never did or said anything was a character. Brittany didn’t talk and Santana didn’t sing. The jocks were still douches for a little while. Rachel’s dads were still an interracial couple. Sue used to C it. And the entire season had a plot- now it’s just episode after episode of random stuff that happens occasionally punctuated by singing competitions.

when people think Blaine’s a bottom just because Kurt’s on the top here image you all clearly know nothing about bossy power bottoms (aka Kurt) bottoming from the top

all I’m saying is that if Blaine doesn’t win prom king and dance with his prom queen Kurt then I will set fire to the show

Due to my crappy internet I can’t actually watch Glee

but I feel I got the jist of it:

  • Klaine is back on with a vengeance
  • hot kisses happened
  • Kitty tried bitching them out and Blaine had none of it
  • they finally referenced Darren Criss being Asian
  • Beatles and friendship
  • Burt did another awesome dad thing
  • Kurt knew!
  • Kurt said yes
  • Blaine is probably gonna do Kurt on every surface possible if Burt’s predictions are accurate
  • I feel Kurt will reference Kate and William in some way when their wedding happens

Again I haven’t watched it and can’t for a while but I feel this is what I should take away from today’s episode

I’m in a mood to draw some x rated Klaine stuff. If anyone has any realistic requests let me know- note: I only ever draw Blaine topping and I draw their pubes to match their hair.

So any ideas?